Funding 2014
Funding Institution

Title project/activity (if applicable)

Research programme Principal applicant(s) from FASoS Money stream* Incoming funds in Euro(s)
NWO Veni GW You are What You Track: Practicing Autonomy, Solidarity and Authenticity in an Age of Personalized Healthcare MUSTS Tamar Sharon 2nd MS € 250.000,-
NWO PhD in the Humanities Mental Health Expertise Online: The Enactment of Expertise on Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder on Online Platforms MUSTS Sally Wyatt (Claudia Egher) 2nd MS € 211.600,-
NWO PhD in the Humanities A Captive Audience: Car Radio and Traffic Information, 1950s-now MUSTS Karin Bijsterveld (Marith Dieker) 2nd MS € 211.600,-
NWO Open Access - MUSTS Sally wyatt 2nd MS € 2.150,-
Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu - MUSTS Frederic Bouder 3rd MS € 47.526,-
National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) - MUSTS Marijke Hermans & Marjolein van Asselt 3rd MS € 18.971,18
Huis voor de Kunsten Industrieel Erfgoed MUSTS Ernst Homburg 3rd MS € 15.000,-
Provincie Limburg - MUSTS Ernst Homburg 3rd MS € 15.000,-
The Limburg University Fund/SWOL Publics, Politics, and Technoscience in Contemporary Indian Contexts MUSTS Aalok Khandekar 3rd MS € 4.000,-
The Limburg University Fund/SWOL Amateurs and/as Experts': User Typologies MUSTS Jo Wachelder 3rd MS € 2.000,-